This post was drafted for mother’s Day but that Sunday seemed to pass by so fast I dint get to post it but who needs a to have a day set out to celebrate their mother right?

My mum is sweet, loving, and gorgeous with cheek bones I can only wish for or starve myself to get them… She’s hilarious (she’s just texted me that someone looks like he has beards on his forehead. Like what???). Anyway, she’s an awesome cook and as protective as a lioness. Let me not get started on that! But she’s also cool and easy-going with an iron fist but tender and understanding at the same point. These characters leave me in awe. How did she manage to make me fear and respect her and at the same time be my friend? She’s so eaze she’d encourage me to introduce her to my boyfriends. True, only one got to meet her but she knows about the rest, my friends included so much so that she teases me cause of how much I love hanging out with guys. Hihi.

She did such a great job raising us. Three kids and the better part of our lives she was doing it by herself. Don’t focus on me, am the black sheep of the family and currently the messed up one. Shifting focus… you should meet my siblings, my brother is I think the bravest human being alive. His wife will have a gem for a husband. Sure he does all those annoying things that guys do like not telling you what they are up to but he is the most caring guy I know. To top it off, he apologizes for his mistakes. He is also protective, and does this cute thing where he’ll take you to the salon if you’re hair is messed up or take you shopping if he doesn’t like she shoes you’re in. He’s also tall and HOT… I had a blast when he visited. hehe. Then my sister, I can confidently say that no one has the looks on this one. WHAT. She took away all the prettiness and I got what I could manage to scrape off after her awesomeness. She’s also as charismatic as my mum. Hold up, so is my brother. It’s never a dull moment around them. My character is just disheveled, it doesn’t add up. Like am protective and I pick fights with guys and with my body frame, I have zero chances of winning. I know this very clearly but nooooo, I just have to especially the dushbags. Then I have an ego and practice this independence and I don’t even have a dime to my name. It’s just laughable. It could easily be explained that I exist in this family so that people can see how great the rest are. LOL Anyway, back to the cool kids. The independence and focus on life in these two is a force to be reckoned with and when I grow up, I want to be just like them 😀

It’s funny how when you have a problem or something bothering you, just seeing her puts you at ease. We’ll fight, argue, get pissed off at them but at the end of the day, we love them more than anything. On those days when you don’t know how you’re feeling, she’ll know exactly what to do to fix you up. To them we’re these flawless, beautiful souls that need their protection from this cruel, harsh world. They sacrifice their lives and plans to make sure that we never luck. Only they know what they have done to see us happy and to make our lives better. Heck, sahau kuuliza kiatu cha chali yako… uliza hicho cha mama yako and you will not believe quarter the things she’s done for you. They see the greatest potential in us even some that we don’t even realize we have. And they always have the answers. I mean, common y’all should try not being right ALL THE TIME…

I cannot wait to be a mum partly for this reason. It’s like having a globe that shows the future (especially of those dumb ass mistakes we make thinking how awesome we are). Sure I’ll warn my kid then I’ll wait for him/her not to listen, then it blows over in his/her face. After comforting them, I think I’ll make fun of them in the bedroom with my husband and have a good laugh about it… hehehe (evil laugh).

Anyway, being called MUM is the most important of all the positions a woman can hold, I think. You get this defenceless, delicate being placed in your hands to take care of, nature and bring up into an upright great human being. You might struggle with it at first because it didn’t come with a manual, but that thing kicks in (what they call maternal instinct) and you do it oh so effortlessly. You find time to balance your careers, relationships, running your household and still kick ass in bringing up impeccable people with so much to offer. Then after all that heart ache and years of loving and naturing them, you still find it in your hearts to let them into the world to make a life of their own. Get families of their own and spend less time with you. I still don’t get where that energy comes from. Y’all are superstars.

To all the soon to be mums, just know that you will be great at it too. You’ll love your kids and mentor them into great people who will forever have you in their hearts, who will love you unconditionally even when they scream at you not to speak to them. (Which am guilty of and not once). People who will make this world better. You might fail here and there but in the eyes of your kid, you’re the most beautiful, most brilliant and the best gift God will ever give, the greatest blessing, the one they can always count on. They will look at you with those big googly eyes, smile at you and call you “mama” and what else matters, right? So relax, you’ve got this 🙂

I love you mum. *kisses

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  1. Faith says:

    This piece spoke to me. Thank you darling for being my shelter


    1. justveee says:

      awwww, am glad it did darl :* p.s/ you’ll be an awesome mum too


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